How To Add A Pop Of Yellow In Your Home

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Hello Everyone, Welcome to The Life Fiesta Magazine. Today we are going to talk about our collaboration & feature of Brand: Design Consortium Bangalore by experienced Proprietor and Head Architect Vaishali Vasikaran.

Home is where our heart is. After each tiring day we all want to just head back to home and enjoy and relax on our favourite couch or cozy up in the bed. But, there are people who don’t just treat home as a relaxing place after being tired and people who work from home stays most of the time and most of the days at home.

The surrounding of your house has a great effect on your mind, body & mood. Hence, the boring mundane walls, decor, design can make you feel bored and depressed. But, by adding a pop of colour & vibrancy, your home can instantly uplift your mood. So next time you start decorating your home, don’t forget to add a little colour and make your home a bit cheerful. Although, too many colours can hurt your eyes and may look at times, hence, adding a little pop of certain colour can be the sweet spot to make your home lively without the colour chaos.

About Design Consortium Bangalore:

Design Consortium is an award-winning Bangalore based boutique design studio. Established in 1983 we have a diverse portfolio and love designing beautiful spaces.
We provide design consultancy services for architecture and interior projects and are focused on creating unique and personal spaces. Our end-to-end design solutions range from architecture and interiors of residences and offices to retail and hospitality spaces of varying styles and scales. Vaishali Vasikaran is an architect, interior designer, and stylist and heads the Bangalore branch of Design Consortium. She is a graduate of Anna University. She believes in creating spaces that truly define oneself and her love for decor and styling is never-ending. Her love for travel and experiencing different cultures and aesthetics has inspired her design style and choices, which is characterized by a modern minimalist and contemporary elements. When she is not working she is either baking or planning exotic getaways. 

So, today in the collaboration between The Life Fiesta Magazine and Design Consortium ,we are going to give you some great ideas on how to add a pop of yellow in your home to make a your home a little sunshiny, cheerful & vibrant. Vaishali is the principal architect of Design Consortium,Bangalore and an interior designer & home stylist with an architecture degree & over 10 years of experience.

A pop & burst of colour can enhance the entire look and vibe of a room. As an accent color, Yellow is a pretty bright & vibrant color that is sunny, warm, full of live & gives a cheerful vibe to your room. While, being such a bright color it can overpower or can look a little bit too loud and colorful, but if you choose the right shade and add it in just some elements of the room then it can do wonders. Check out the beautiful inspirations below to see how you can add of a pop of yellow to your home making it cheerful, vibrant and colorful.

1. Add a pop of color with fabrics

Add a pop of color with fabrics. Image Source

One of the most easiest way to add a pop of colour to your room is to change your sheets, blankets, throws & cushions. This lovely sunshine yellow colour is adding the perfect burst of colour in this room. A vibrant coloured bedsheet can change the look of the area without much effort and investment and you can change the look anytime from colourful to monotone & vice versa. The back accent wall texture and simplicity of the walls are sophisticated ensuring the room is not overdone with the burst of colour.

2. A pop of colour with backdrops

A pop of colour with backdrops. Image Source

A vibrant bright corner makes the entire room cheerful without making it too colorful. Check out the beautiful yet minimal room idea with such a great vibe. A little touch of yellow in the accent wall area at the back of the bed is just the perfect pop of color that makes this room happy,warm & stylish. As in the picture, an addition of yellow curtains can be made to make it more look more warm and cozy.

3. A pop of colour with small hints of colour

A pop of colour with small hints of colour. Image Source

If you are unsure on how to put colour in your room or which corner to choose, then the simplest solution is adding a hint of colour in small places. As in the picture the vibrant colour of yellow is given in small quantity here & there. This way the room becomes lovely without being too colourful.

4. Add a pop of colour with furniture

Add a pop of colour with furniture. Image Source

Want to add that touch of colour without much fuss? Have furniture with that colour or revamp your old furniture by painting them with bright colour. The yellow shelves in the pictures go so well with the white wall background. Minimal, sophisticated,functional yet so bright, vibrant & cheerful. You can add any vibrant colourful furniture in a bland plain simple room to make it lively in a jiffy.

Hope these ideas helped you to decorate your home. To get more such beautiful ideas & lifestyle post, please follow us & for such beautiful home design solutions, please connect with Design Consortium in details below:

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Contact: C V Raman Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, +91 88842 20135

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