Top 10 Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Top 10 Diwali decorations ideas to light up your house this Diwali Season. Best Diwali home decor ideas online to celebrate festival of lights.

Diwali, the festival of light is celebrated every year in India & by Indians all around the world. Diwali is an auspicious festival that symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Beautiful home decor, spectacular fireworks, amazing lights, irresistible exchange of traditional sweets and gifts mark the festival. Houses are beautifully decorated with bright colours and with flowers, lights, rangoli etc.

Check out the list of curated home decor products below to jazz up our house during Diwali festive season.

1. Flower & Tealight Holder

Decorate your home with tealight candles and flower in this gold toned bowl. This is perfect for floating flowers and candles and can also be used to keep other things once Diwali is over. This durable piece is surely going to be a family favourite to jazz up your favourite corner of the room.

2. Crystal Diya Candle Holder Stand

Diwali, as we know is a festival of light. What’s a celebration of such festival without beautiful lighting? Get this beautiful crystal diya that you can use as a t-light holder. A simple t-light candle can be made special with this amazing crystal design and it comes with many colours to choose from.

3. LED Light Curtains

If you do not want to lit up candles or just want to light up your room or decorate for Diwali and beyond then this LED light curtain is a perfect solution. Due to its various designs like stars, diya, bulb, leaves, these LED light curtains are versatile and perfect for your Diwali decor. Once Diwali is over, you can even use these for making a cozy corner in your room.

4. Ganesh Idol

Lord Ganesha is among the various powerful Hindu Gods and is said to be the god of prosperity and health. This Diwali, bring home positive energy, success, abundance and prosperity with this golden Ganesha idol. This small elegant idol is perfect for houses and even for cars.

5. Festive Cushion Covers

Add a dash of bright colours through these beautiful cushion covers in festive colours. Make your room comfy and colourful with these cushions and make your home beautiful this Diwali.

6. Artificial Flower Garlands

Make your home colourful and pretty with these artificial garlands. These are a great fuss free option as they make your room bright and you don’t have to worry that the flowers will dry out. It is reusable and hence can be used for multiple occasions.

7. Serving Tray

A beautiful handcrafted wooden tray with hand paint work is an absolute great addition to your Diwali parties. The tray would definitely add elegance and festive mood to your table decor. Serve your guests in such a colourful wooden tray and elevate the festive mood.

8. Candles

Choose from wide variety of candles, from unscented to scented, t-lights, votive, pillars to light up your house during Diwali. Choose a great fragrant candle option for making your home smell divine while celebrating the festival of lights.

9. Wall/ Door Hanging

Wall hanging or door hangings are an integral part of home decoration in Diwali. Check out from variety of wind chimes to hanging garland to such door hanging to make your home look bright and beautiful.

10. Vase

Decorate your home with this beautiful vase as a center piece. The golden tones and accents are just perfect for the festive season. Put some fresh flowers and make your home smell and look beautiful. Being such a great statement piece, this will go well with most of your house decor, hence you can reuse it for the whole year.

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