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Welcome to The Life Fiesta Magazine.

We believe in good content & the type of content that goes beyond standards of society. Age, size, caste, creed, religion, gender, colour, residential status, financial status, physical disabilities, big or small company, business, brands, work, job status these doesn’t matter to us. We don’t judge anyone. We believe in humanity. This platform is to share the finest curated inspirations from all around the globe and also to help you have a better life by guiding through the cruelty-free way of life.

Now, you need a reason to follow or subscribe to us? Well, live the cruelty-free life with us by getting awesome cruelty-free inspirations and posts for your fashion game, food & recipe ideas, travel plans & stays, home & decor, lifestyle, beauty care and many more. Also, find all about the existing cruelty-free brands and companies to shop from and discover new brands. We believe in heart to heart connections, hence it is not about bringing the news or sharing the posts with you all but an attachment beyond that. We would love to collaborate with you all and make this community a beautiful heartwarming cruelty-free community where only love prevails.
Also, we would love to feature bloggers/writers & brands with vegan/ ethical/ cruelty-free/ clean living/ eco-friendly/ conscious lifestyle content/products/posts. Do connect with us for a feature that will help each other to grow.

For Readers:

Our goal is to create a cruelty-free community catering all your needs.

Latest fashion news, trends, style tips and information about fashion brands that does not harm animals or use animal products in their lines.

Vegan food, recipes, restaurant food reviews, food tips, meal preps & information about vegan food brands to ensure you can fully enjoy your vegan meal without any compromise in taste.

Sustainable and eco friendly home and home decor ideas, products and information about such brands.

Travel tips, places and inspiration of cruelty-free & eco friendly hotels/stays and local food of different places, local vegan food swap ideas, places to visit and sustainable travel ideas and brands promoting that.

Get information about cruelty-free and clean beauty products and brands, makeup looks, skincare guides, natural skin and body healing processes, natural spa.

Lifestyle tips, guides for the cruelty-free, happy way of life. Sustainability guides, yoga and natural healing processes and also all about life and it’s insight.

P.S: We are trying to get some best deals & coupons for our lovely readers to save a few bucks on your shopping as a thank you gift for embracing the cruelty-free way of life as well.

For Brands, Companies, Collaborators:

We would love to work with you and collaborate to embrace and take forward the cruelty-free way of life. We would love to connect and create content with you if (either one or multiple of the below):

1. If you are a cruelty-free brand, company or a believer of such way of life.

2. If your brand or products are sustainable and eco friendly.

3. If you have some tips or content ideas for vegan/cruelty-free/sustainable/eco friendly content.

4. If you or your brand prefers a conscious lifestyle.

5. If your brand is a responsible luxury brand.

6. If you or your brand believes in clean living or natural living.

7. If you want to launch any cruelty-free new product.

P.S: Big or small brand, New blogger/writer or old, or just someone enthusiast about all the above-mentioned points, it doesn’t matter to us, we are happy to work with you all. If you love and believe the cruelty-free way of life, do connect with us for Collab or PR or your content submission.

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